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New Year, New Experiences!

We look forward to 2022 hoping it will be better than the last year

as we do every year. We make our resolutions to make things better and attempt to commit to them. Usually, these resolutions are the same every year, I am going to lose weight, I am going to eat healthier, I am going to spend less, etc. Why do we as individuals make resolutions that make us feel worse, aren’t resolutions supposed to be goals that we strive to attain? If we continuously make resolutions that point out our flaws, we will only feel worse when we don’t meet those goals. Rather than making pointless superficial resolutions, make resolutions that expand the mind and make you a better person. Rather than saying you are going to lose weight make a goal to go on a hike every week or find all the water falls in your state. Instead of saying you are going to eat healthier, make a goal to try an exotic food every month. These things will expand your view and will create a fun and interesting year rather than forcing yourself to do the same routine day in day out. Break out of the routine, the routine has been going on too long. Covid-19 has been a looming storm cloud over our heads for the past two years and it does not seem like there is an end in sight. The pandemic has gripped our nation and has caused new experiences to stop or become nearly impossible to achieve. Without new experiences people become bored, tired, depressed. Depression since the pandemic has started has tripled to affecting every 1-3 adults. Make the change that helps you, make the resolution that gives you new experiences. Take a whirlwind trip, get that tattoo you have always wanted, talk to new people, go to new places, read more books, choose to live rather than just survive. Once you are living you will never want to go back to the routine.

Experiences will always be worth more than anything because experiences turn into memories, and everybody knows that you can’t buy memories. So get out there this year and do something new and create those memories and experiences.

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