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After Care Solution 

After you receive your fresh tattoo it is important to maintain the after care procedure during the healing stage.  We have devised a process that has been tested and proven to work effectively, by years of observation and experience, these few steps well insure a better healing process and experience to preserve the aging of the tattoo ink.  

*IMPORTANT* rebandage area of tattoo before you go to sleep on your first night, such as ceramwrap or clingwrap.  This allows a very important role in protection from drying up and scabbing over night, getting stuck on your bed sheets, and most importantly preventing contamination from any tiny particles that could cause serious irritations and sometimes infections.  

EVERY DAY for 5 days 

1. Wash your hands with Anti-Bacterial foamy soap.  *do NOT use scented as it will burn worse than the tattoo 

2. Wash the Area of the tattoo with the same foamy soap. 

3. Apply Ointment. *NEVER use old ointment or lotions during the first 5 days.  Every one is different but the most hypo-allegenic product is  of Auqaphore. 

it is important to Repeat 5x a day for 5 Days.  After 5 days immediatly switch and use a high quality *unscented lotion after the 5th day.


Before You Get a Tattoo

We give everyone the opportunity to do their research for the right artists through our consultation process.  However the day before your tattoo, please be advised to eat well, dont come in hung over or drunk.  

Be prepared for a very pain-full process as this is part of tattooing.  No matter how much numbing cream or prescription medication you use it will only last for a couple hours and leaves you with out any tolerance of the pain after the medication wears off.  


We encourage our clients to do what it takes to prepare yourself for the tattoo process.  Tattoo session could take 2 hours, an average of 4 hours, or to some of the most exceptional clients is upward 7-10 hours per session.  These are our observed suggestions that have dramatically helped with clients endure the process:

1.  have a full balanced three course meals before the day of the tattoo.  
             etc; salads, super foods such as kale or spinach 
                   high protein diets such as steak or fish
                    vegan high protein diets. 
2.  Meditation such as hobbyist activities, Stretches such as yoga, Acupuncture, medium-heavy                 work out at the gym, sauna, or cold bath submersions.  

3.  Eat well of salads and high protein diet and shower *** 1 hour Before the tattoo. 

4.  Have clean clothes you are willing to get dirty of inks

5.  Fill out Waiver Form before every tattoo session 


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