Nico Boncales 
919 771 7858


Specializing in many different styles, Nico offers a variety of costumed designs catered to the interests of the client ideas.  Although the tattoo application is not limited to styles or flash art, the design process is detrimental to the artist and client brainstorming within the consultation appointment.   For award winning tattoos, we encourage a sit down consultation as it proves to create an elaborate tattoo design/s that are recognized as some of the best in its class.  In 2019, Ink Therapy joined as artist vendor at the All American Tattoo Convention, Nico was able to bring home 3 awards for “3rd Best Military”, “2nd Best American Pride” and “2nd Best Large Color”. With years of planning and countless tattoo sessions, the day of the convention was successfully executed in showing the public the talent and tattoo skill the client

Nico is also a sponsored Artist by "The Inked Phoenix Project".