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Ink Therapy, Sanford NC wins 3 awards at All American Tattoo Convention 2019

Ink Therapy of Sanford, NC continues to pursue greatness by competing at the All American Tattoo Convention. Nico Boncales (founder), Roy Alonzo (tattoo artist), Robin Pipiton (manager), Joe Mcfadden (spokesperson), Mel Huffman (camera operator and sales personnel) attended and represented for Ink Therapy. Attending the 3 days of the convention to execute the agenda, the team went and represented the team with flying colors and showed the convention the professionalism, creativity, and good team work. During the first day, Ink Therapy had competed in 7-9 categories in the competitive tattooing such as, Best Military, American Pride, Best Hand/ Neck tattoo, and Best Cover up. Not knowing who all participates, but some of the best tattoo artists in the Nation was present that day. But in anticipation, Nico; founder of Ink Therapy, Sanford won two categories. 3rd place in Best Military Tattoo, and 2nd place in American Pride Tattoo. With great relief of hearing in the announcement, the joy of placing in these categories became an instant euphoric in the gut but to just express by the words of Nico "we are gonna kick ass and bring home some awards this year, and this is just day one."

With the excitement from the previous day, the competition was as real as it gets to the team.

Robin (manager) holding down the front of the Ink Therapy Station and informing the guests and audience the location and services of Ink Therapy as an extension of OcinPros. Representative and spokesperson Joe and Mel conducted interviews and follow-ups with the vendors and artists who participated in the AATC 2019. Featuring live streaming interviews and private interviews, the live feature allowed great insight for viewers of the activities at the AATC. The interviews gained incite on some of the young entrepreneurs and business owners competing, representing their brand, and their art work. You can watch the interviews at OCIN_PROS@youtube or the website Conducting more than 20 interviews and connecting with other artists and vendors, Ink Therapy bridged new connections with the surrounding tattoo shops and vendors. Vendors such as The Inked Phoenix Project, Toy Shop, Old City Side Show, The Cardinal Tattoo Shop, New World Ink, and many more. At the same time Nico competed in more competitive events to pursue more placements in the AATC 2019. Categories such as Large Color Tattoo, Small Color Tattoo, Large Black and Grey, Best American Traditional , Best Color Portrait, and Tattoo of the Day. Roy Alonzo (tattoo artist) also participated in the competitive categories such as Best Cover Up, and Small Black and Grey.

The second day was even more intense as the representatives of Ink Therapy, had their own tasks to perform. Consequently the Ink Therapy Station was under the pressure as its 1st year in business had placed their awards in front of the station, becoming the most decorated single station in the convention. The pressure was heightened to put Ink Therapy of Sanford NC on the radar with-in the tattoo community. Before the day ended on the Saturday, Nico was awarded 2nd Best Large Color Tattoo, and was runner up of Best American Traditional. Regardless of the intense pressure from competing against some the best tattoo artists in the nation, Ink Therapy proudly placed another award for the reputation of the skills nico can provide for his clients and new patrons. Without hesitation the team celebrated their achievements and team support for Ink Therapy. The team "Smoking Aces" was exhausted from so much exposure. The All American Tattoo Convention has numerous activities through out the days and can easily get lost in all the excitement from observing the 300 + artists and vendors.

The last day was more relaxed as most of the participants, allow their 3rd day to be more relaxed. Regardless Nico entered into more competition such as Best Original Flash, and Tattoo of the Day, but was not allotted a placement. Regardless of how much the three days had exposed, the moment was encapsulated with great relief and pride as the night concluded.

The words would not even express the commitment and hard work of the team in Ink Therapy and OcinPros in the time of such intense competitive energy through out the All American Tattoo Convention. Gaining their popularity by the innovated competitions with the Tattoo Industry and the support of the Armed Forces. hosting some of the most recognized names in the industry, AATC focuses on the quality of tattoo services and products.

In conclusion, It takes a good team to execute the agenda and not just one can admit their own success with out the other. In this scenario, everyone contributed their skills and talent with out even the list of duties or command of the itinerary. (Nico) "there was no list of duties for the representatives for the team, but i trusted that they will carry out the best side of their character to add value to the team and Ink Therapy. Not just for the self gain of the company, but that when you give trust, trust is received. People will do the right thing when you give them the vision and tools for success."

Ink Therapy plans on attending the next All American Tattoo Convention 2020. Stay Tuned and Share/ Like our Facebook or Website!

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