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Why Consultations are Important

The first step in getting a tattoo next to finding a shop is a consultation. Once you have gone through the painstaking process of finding an artist to fit your style, there will more than likely be an option to do a consultation whether it is online or in the shop itself. You may think that a consultation is redundant and useless “I should be able to just show the artist what I want, and they should be able to tattoo it”

However, when you dig deeper into it you find that the more information the artist has about the tattoo project, the placement, the size, and everything in-between the better the tattoo design will result. Remember it is permanent, regardless of small or large.

What should I bring to a consultation?

Normally for a consultation bring all the reference material you have for the tattoo you want. Also keep in mind what style you want the tattoo, there are a lot of styles and if you are not sure then that is another thing that can be determined at the consultation. Also remember that consultations themselves are free but if you want to secure an appointment slot there will be a 50.00 design retainer, this retainer is so the artist can formally start your new project, as you know drawing and designing takes time; especially if you are wanting a custom design by the artist.

What should I bring up in a tattoo Consultation?

Tattoo Consultations are for the client and the artist to get all the information they need prior to the tattoo appointment. There are some questions that the client should ask during the consultation.

What should I do for aftercare?

How much will the piece roughly cost?

What should I expect pain wise during the process?

How should I prepare myself for the appointment?

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?

There is also information that the artist will need to know such as

Are you on any medication that may interfere with the tattoo process (i.e., blood thinners etc.)?

Do you have any conditions that would interfere with the tattoo process?

Do you have any visible marks that would compromise the design? (Scars, sun bumps, burns, other tattoos, etc.)

It is crucial to be honest when answering these questions for the artist because they can heavily affect that tattooing process. If the artist does not know about certain conditions prior to tattooing it may cause problems later during the actual appointment because the artist was caught off guard.

What if I don’t do a consultation?

If you don’t do a consultation, there is a very small chance that we will be able to get you on the books for that day even if it is a small tattoo as many shops are heavily booked. Consultations and retainers ensure that the time you schedule is especially for you. If you do not reserve your time, there is no guarantee we can give you chair time. Doing the consultation offers an extra level of security when going through the design process. In a consultation you can be as specific as possible with your design and the artist can accommodate the design more accurately to what you want. If you do a walk in there is a very small window of design time for the artist to give you exactly what you want in a timely manner.

The best thing to remember is that you wouldn’t expect DaVinci to create a masterpiece in a few short hours so don’t expect a tattoo artist to do an entire back mural in a short amount of time with very little information.

Consultations are important so the client can have the greatest design for the remainder of their life. They allow an open line of communication with the designated artist. Contact your tattoo shop or artist to start your reservation today.

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